Somewhere honest where your prejudice against me can be confirmed before you get in touch.  Formerly a Corporal in the Royal Air Force Regiment, now a war disability pensioner and Independent Financial Adviser located in the East Midlands.  Founder of a number of (frankly) vanilla, run of the mill financial services brands, primarily Echelon Wealthcare and most recently, the groundbreaking Robo-advice,  Works with social and charitable organisations, and numerous private clients trying to do the right thing.  Sometimes, gets it right.

To keep the regulator happy, my insurers happy, and Ray (who’s the chap who makes sure I’m fully compliant) happy, nothing on the site should be construed as financial advice, a motivation, incentive or inducement to act in a particular way. If you want a personal recommendation, take financial advice that is authorised and regulated. If your intended adviser isn’t on the FCA Register, steer clear of them (here, for instance, you’ll find me on it). Inclusion on the Register isn’t itself a sign of quality. DVLA may have a record of you having passed a driving test but it still doesn’t mean you’re a good driver.

“We have enumerated our saddles, bridles, tents and tent poles and all manner of sundry items for which His Majesty’s government holds me accountable.  Unfortunately, the sum of one shilling and ninepence remains unnaccounted for in one infantry battalion’s petty cash and there has been a hideous confusion as to the number of jars of raspberry jam issued to one cavalry regiment.  This brings me to my present purpose, which is to request elucidation of my instructions. Am I 1) to train an army of uniformed British clerks for the benefit of the accountant and copy boys in London, or, perchance, 2) to see to it that the forces of Napoleon are driven out of Spain?” Duke of Wellington


Change fails, not because it comes too soon but because it comes too late.

Check out my latest brand.  Fiver a Day is what’s called ‘robo-advice’ – for clients who don’t understand investing and overlooked by a financial services sector because they (frankly) aren’t ‘valuable’ enough.  In five minutes, we’ll deliver an understandable yet sophisticated, highly affordable investment portfolio.  No opaque fee structures, expensive fund managers or complex financial instruments. By democratising financial advice, we make investing simple, accessible and affordable for anyone.  You’re investing – risk warnings apply.