Port Talbot and Scunthorpe IFA CHIVE (Community, Help, Information, Volunteer exchange)

I don’t offer public blogs here much anymore, but these circumstances are extenuating.

Phase one of the response to the alleged poor practice that we uncovered in Port Talbot (particularly) has been completed; the #BSPS matter is now firmly a matter of record.  However, the new deadline extension for the BSPS pensioners presents its own problems unless the moment is seized.  In the event TPAS can’t counsel face to face, and to deter the vultures from circling once more on news of the extension, something afresh now needs to be done.

I’d like to organise teams of IFA to visit and work in Port Talbot and Scunthorpe, working in a strictly pro-bono, non commercial manner.  You’ll be helping those who may be struggling to make a decision about their pension transfer, or who may be worried that they have made the wrong decision.  You must go into each and every case with a fresh set of eyes.  I anticipate the surgery running for a week or so, with volunteers rotating through.

The criteria are strict.

There must be no selling of your own services (we’re not anti-business, so if someone wants to approach you to work with them, fine, but it must be notified and declared).  This means, no daft fees, sorry.  I apologise if that offends sensibilities, but that’s the way it’s going to be – we need to recover reputation, not jeapordise it.  You’ll also have to be a pension transfer specialist or operate under the guidelines of working with a pension transfer specialist.  And you’ll have to be an active CF30.

In return, I can offer you no recognition, no expenses, no help with food, fuel or accommodation costs, and very little reward.  But, you’ll be doing a grand thing.  You’ll be going back to the roots of Independent Financial Advice and at Christmas especially, won’t that be a good thing?  So, if you’re an IFA and you’re interested in doing the right thing by counselling steelworkers for next to no material reward*, respond to me by DM on Twitter please (@RAF_IFA) or by phone or e-mail (, please).

(*I imagine you’ll be bought a few pints 😉 )